Bill Eichen


Driven Capital

Palo Alto


Bill is a seasoned technology executive and entrepreneur with hands-on experience in leading corporations in emerging markets. He brings a successful record of revenue growth with a focus on strategy, execution and results. His leadership is focused on technology solutions, business development, and team building in start-ups and large corporations. His software and device experience includes mobile, sensors, fintech, consumer, digital health, privacy/security, automotive, and communications.


Bill was CEO and Chairman of Sensor Platforms, acquired by Audience/Knowles (NYSE: KN) and President/Chief Operating Officer of Analogix, a cross-border leader in digital home, consumer and mobile products who pioneered DisplayPort/USB-C and HDMI. As Founder and CEO of Pie Capital and Software Incubators, Bill has brought to market successful products which solve real-time financial evaluations and notifications, logistics tracking, social networking, security and sports analytics. Bill was CEO of Memcall/RoboGroup Israel, a leader in deep packet inspection for security and communications and Managing Director of, an early stage Palo Alto fund focusing on Israeli Unicorns. Mr. Eichen is an innovator and was responsible for a variety of management successes at National (acquired by Texas Instruments, NYSE:TXN), Cypress (CY), IDT, and Motorola. He holds both Masters and Bachelors degrees from MIT in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science where he wrote some of the original works of Sub-Band and Adaptive Predictive Speech coding for the Motorola Dyna-Tac mobile phones and Apple's first Macintosh).